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Unique Handmade Garden and Conservatory Furniture

We would like to introduce our Garden Furniture portfolio.

We aim to create timeless products that can be passed on from one generation to the next. The longer the products last the better it is for the environment, however as no products can last forever it is important to be conscious of the materials used.

All Unique Handmade Garden and Conservatory Furniture is made from Hungarian Noble Poplar, from the inundation / flood plain area, atained only through forest clearing. The wood needs to be dried for more than six month. During this long drying period it has to be checked every single day.

Then industrious hands set to work on the wood and finally fit the pieces together. Due to the long drying period and laborious handwork they are available only in a limited number.

Poplar is a natural material with a rich surface and natural patterns, variation and combination of colours. In order to protect the woodwork we apply a surface treatment. This also makes cleaning easier. The alternatives are wood stains and varnish. The furniture can also be delivered untreated.

Our Unique Garden and Conservatory Furniture requires no special care. Clean with damp cloth. In accordance with storage and care instructions we provide 15 Year Guarantee.

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Thank you for visiting our stand at Urban Gardens 2003 show at London, Olympia, Grand Hall from 11 March til 13 April 2003.